Website translation, also referred to as localizing an Internet site, is a profitable way to develop a business abroad. But is it necessary to translate the whole site for Web communication to be effective, or just certain strategic pages? Must the files that need to be translated be devoid of source code? How can you localize the graphic elements? Depending on your needs, your TSI translation agency offers a solution and a specific fee for Web adaptation.

Website translation : do you want all pages to be translated or just some strategic content?

Translating an Internet site provides a qualitative image of your company and makes it easier to navigate for your client or prospective client. If you wish to translate a part of your website, your dedicated translation project manager will examine the most strategic contents with you, which elements will give you maximum profitability, for a price per word translated.

Translation in the source code or in a file devoid of tags?

Our translators specialized in Web translations can translate your website in editable formats (.doc or .ttx, for example) or in files with tags (.html, .xml., for example). Depending on your needs, your TSI translation agency will elaborate a specific translation fee for translation in the source code, as it is more difficult than a translation devoid of tags.

For maximum visibility, we can include a SEO optimization service with the translation of your website.

Translating graphic elements

SIf you wish to adapt the graphic elements internally, we can deliver the translation in an Excel or Word table. We can also be put in charge of the step that will offer you a turnkey product. In order to determine the translation service that best applies to you, do not hesitate to get in touch and to tell us your translation needs by providing an example of the Web page to be translated, as well as the price that was allocated for localizing of your website.

Website translation

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