Translating a website makes it possible for you to be known and to make your way into new markets. For maximal success, your TSI translation agency is by your side during the development of your internationalization project on the Web. Our pricing is determined by 4 key questions: Which languages do you wish to translate your website into? In what format will the translation be done? How soon would you like to receive your translation? Would you like a SEO optimization with your translation? As soon as we have answers to these questions, we can refine your request and offer translation services that best optimize your investment.


Languages translated


The translation price for a website depends on the languages translated. For example, an English French or Spanish French translation does not cost the same price as an English Japanese translation. European languages are priced lower than languages that are more rare or that contain a different alphabet. The reason is simple: culturally, English, Spanish or Italian for example are closer toe French than Chinese or Russian, which will often require changes in the coding of the pages or cultural adaptation.


File format and translation pricing


There are several solutions for translating your website:


+ Translate files with tags (html, asp, etc.): These files must be converted and it can be more difficult to work with tags. Help from our technical service and work in the source code makes for more work and therefore for an increase in the cost. The translation method offer, however, the advantage of receiving files that can be used right away. The use of files with tags also makes it possible to get the most out of the SEO optimization, which is done in the source page and will therefore improve visibility on the web.

+ Translating editable files (Word, Excel): Processing these files does not require any particular manipulation, and therefore costs less. The client will then be able to integrate the content him- or herself.


Translation time

Your translation agency adapts to your constraints.
When you are in a hurry to have your translation, we mobilize our teams in order to offer you maximal quality; night work and work on the weekends also leads to an increase in the price. For sites that track dense news and update their content in real time, we make a team available to act immediately. Depending on the volume of orders, we are open to translation solutions without increased costs. Finally, if you do not have a particular constraint, we can offer you a delivery time that is flexible and reasonable, and that will make it possible for our translators to work under the best conditions possible for optimal quality at a low price.

Translation + SEO optimization

The SEO translation is a profitable internationalization through the Web that makes it possible for you to develop your brand in new markets while generating economies of scale. As a result of competitive benchmarking, among other factors, we offer a natural multilingual reference service for the contents of your translation, in addition to your translation.
In order to receive an offer that fits your specific translation needs, do not hesitate to get in touch with a consultant from the TSI translation agency by calling +1 45 49 37 85 or via email at