Technical translation

Sometimes considered as a synonymous of “specialized translation”, the technical translation is a translation service aiming at translating technical documents in a specified area.


Technical translation – skilled experts for a quality output

Technical translation projects may be very specific; so your translation agency TSI uses only experienced translators, specialized in specific working areas and working in their native language.

Example: For the English French technical translation of a boiler user guide, we recently used translators-engineers with French as a native language. They master both the working area and its terminology. Then, the translated document was reviewed by a second engineer who validated the text. The client was fully satisfied with this translation.


Technical translation + review, for a premium service

The technical translation service is always followed by a review of the documents to ensure quality. The document review ensures you get the better from the specialist skills, reviewed by a second critical professional linguist, for terminology, sense and style perfection. Check points focus on the respect of the source document meaning, respect of any glossary, accuracy, non-misspelled words and fluentness of the target document. Your translation project manager will also do quality checks in-house.


Your technical translation for a reduced price

We offer preferential translation rate according to volumes: you may have a price deduction from 10,000 words on. Texts with lots of repetitions will also benefit from a discount.

To get a customized offer, please ask us an estimate in few clicks, with our on-line free translation estimate, or call us at 1 646 652 6854.


Last projects translated:

  • English French technical translation of a user guide in the medical area
  • Spanish English technical translation of a data sheet in the railway branch
  • Technical translation of English French patents