Specialised translators’ bureau

Thanks to our international network of specialised translators, our TSI technical translation agency offers you high quality service offerings in a large number of specialisation areas, including the following (the list is not exhaustive):

Translation areas covered by the TSI translation agency

Tourism translation

To seize the attention of holiday-makers and professionals who are highly exposed to other offers one click away, your communication must be direct, impactful and capture the imagination. Our specialised content writing translators will assist you in conquering a broad international audience through their high-quality translation services.

Technical translation

For the specialised translation of your technical documents (instructions for use, product sheet, user manual, etc), our professional translators put their well-honed writing skills and a deep understanding of the subject matter at your service to provide you with a translated text which is accurate and faithful to the original meaning.

Scientific translation

Medical translation, as well as pharmaceutical, veterinary, biological and physical translation services are some specialisms of scientific translation which we offer. Your apparatus user manual, instruments instructions for use, package inserts and other commercial material will be handled by specialists who benefit from extensive experience and work in tandem.

Real estate translation

To meet the expectations of foreign investors (for purchase, sale, or leasing of private or commercial properties), we offer a specialised translation service to real estate agencies, concierge services and individuals (for the translation of websites, advertisements, contracts, leases and acts).

Legal translation

With their in-depth knowledge of legal systems affected by translation, our legal translators master the terminology and phraseology which are specific to this sector. Statutes, contracts, statements, etc are worked on by specialists in law, some of them sworn, who work in their native language.

IT translation

We will select a team of professional translators for you with the skills and knowledge required for the specifics of your projects (interface, dynamic content, software, online help translation, etc…) to guarantee the required consistence and accuracy.

Finance translation

One sector where demand is rapidly evolving and increasing is finance. As specialists in this area, where excellence is a pre-requisite, our translation agency and our translators know how to adapt to budget pressures and evolutions in terminology. Our responsiveness, rigour, flexibility and versatility enable us to translate texts fluidly, precisely and faithfully in relation to the original documents.

Environment translation

The environment, with ecology and renewable energies, is a thriving sector which is understood by our dedicated translators who have solid knowledge concerning technical aspects as much as linguistic aspects. They therefore offer high-quality translations of documents of all kinds (studies, press releases, communication material and technical documents).