Leave your scientific translation project to a translator specialized in this working area, having strong knowledge of your activity (medical translation, pharmacology translation, etc.) and mastering writing codes and the terminology used in the scientific community.

Like in technical translation, your translation agency TSI analyses your scientific documents to be translated to establish a free translation estimate tailored to your needs and to use one or more translators specialized in your area, guarantor of your project quality. For a maximal security, choose the review serice, made by a second expert in scientific translation. All of our linguists (translators and reviewers) have a diploma and experience, they only work to their native language.


With our large translator database, we are able to deliver sicentific translation services on various materials and in many languages.


Examples of translations done in for the scientific community:

  • Medical/pharmacy translation
  • Veterinary translation
  • In vitro diagnostic documents
  • Translation of user manuals in the orthopaedics field
  • Physics translation
  • Genetics translation
  • Biochimestry translation
traduction scientifique de documents