Our price policy makes it possible for us to adjust our prices with some flexibility to the different translation requests.

4 criteria for flexible pricing:


The type of text:

A technical translation implies specific skills on the part of the translator, and therefore specific pricing is applied.
The TSI agency applies a discount in the pricing per word for a source document that is well written, because this makes it easier on the translator.
In a group of documents containing repetitions, our translation tools make it possible for us to offer a discount on the applicable fee.


The volume :

The translation fee is generally determined by the amount of words. We offer a sliding scale tariff for large volume documents. There is a set price for documents containing 300 words or less.


The specificity of the source language and the translation language:

NWe work with a large variety of languages. A common language (English, Spanish, French, German…) will be less expensive compared to the translation of less common languages (including Asian languages such as Japanese, Chinese, or Korean, among others).


Delivery time:

NWe process urgent requests while maintaining flawless quality. The short return periods imply work done during the night or on the weekend and they are subject to a 30% increase in the price per word. On the other hand, the non-urgent projects with delivery dates that are set by the Agency offer more attractive prices.
3 ways to get an estimate quickly:

  • Over the phone : (0033) 1 84 06 43 98
  • Via email: TSI@agence-traduction.com