Proofreading and revision: for quality documents


Proofreading guarantees the quality of your translation. This is why the TSI translation agency systematically includes this step in all your projects, regardless of the size and nature. During this phase, which is combined with quality analysis, we check the following points:


  • Your entire document has been translated. That no part has been left in the source language, except if requested (for example in the case of graphic elements);
  • Grammar and spelling are correct: your translation must be limpid and the reader should not feel like he or she is reading a translation;
  • Use of glossary, if you submitted one, is guaranteed: in this way we guarantee use of your terminology and we ensure the homogeneity of the document produced.

If you wish, you can also request more detailed proofreading. In this case, your translation is the object of a comparison between the source language and the target language in order to ensure quality both in form and in content. After the translation, a second professional translator from our agency, who is also specialized in your area of work, revises the text.


To know the price for translation with the detailed proofreading option by a reviser-translator, simply click on the estimate form. You can also send an email to or call us at +33 1 45 49 37 85. One of our project managers will answer as soon as possible.


You have already had your document translated by another translation agency and you wish to have our agency proofread it? Do not hesitate to submit your document, this way we will be able to determine, with you, the time needed for one of our reviser-translators to proofread it, before sending you a personalized estimate.


Relecture et révision de documents

In short, you may choose from


  1. Simple translation: your translation is read through in the target language by one of our project managers.

  3. Translation + proofreading: one of our specialized translators proofreads your translation while comparing the source language to the target language. We recommend this option for optimal quality.

  5. Proofreading: your document is already translated; a TSI translator is in charge of proofreading it in detail and comparing the source language to the target language.

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