Document translation

Thanks to our network of certified translators, the TSI agency takes on all kinds of translation projects in numerous languages.

Our commitments:

A dedicated project manager for all your translations : A true interface between you and your translator, this special interlocutor meets your needs, makes sure your orders are submitted, and coordinates the translation work in order to ensure coherence in the terminology in your documents.

Certified translators, chosen for their skills, and that work only in their mother tongue, are referenced in our services according to the languages they work with but also according to their field of expertise (medical, legal, technical…)

A personalized service: You will receive a faithful, high quality translation within the agreed upon delivery time.


Translation fields offered:

specialized translation :

Scientific translation

+ Medical translation
+ Pharmaceutical translation
+ Veterinary translation
+ Biology translation


Technical Translation

+ Automotive translation
+ Environment translation
+ Engineering translation
+ Environment translation

Legal and financial translation :

Legal translation

+ Certified translation
+ Official translation

Financial translation

Commercial translation

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